Malayattoor is a village in the northeastern part of Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala in southern India. The name Malayattoor is a combination of three words: Little (mountain), Arr (river) Oore (place). Malayattoor is a place where mountains, rivers and lands meet.


Located 52 km from Kochi. The Malayan Church is located at the top of Malayatoor Hill at an altitude of 609 m. Thomas, who prayed in this sanctuary. It was one of the most important Christian pilgrims in Kerala. The shrine attracts the faithful not, but also from neighboring states. This famous church is located in Kurisumudi. At the church there is a statue of St. Thomas and the apostle’s imprint on the rock. This sanctuary has been granted the status of international pilgrimage station.

Saint Thomas

The village was enriched to be blessed by St. Thomas. He was an apostle of Jesus Christ. In 52 years he went to Kodungalloor and founded seven churches there. On the way to Mylapore he stopped in Malayattoor.


Saint Thomas’ life began to be threatened and he had to flee to the church. He took refuge in it until the danger was resolved. Saint Thomas suffered and prayed to God. He touched the rock from which the blood began to flow. In 52 years he came to Malajattoor and chose a place of prayer and worship. He then went to Mylapore. He died of martyrdom in 72 years.

Find a holy place

Later, during the hunt the local people found the divine light emanating from the hard rock and after examining the source they found a golden cross. Later they discovered traces of the great saint.


Malayattoor is a part of Malayattoor-Neeleeswaram Panchayat in the district of Ernakulam. In this district most people are Catholic and Buddhist.


Malayattoor arrives every year a very large number of pilgrims. The church has a very interesting architecture. This is a combination of Greek and Roman style. The altar is made in Greek style and the front of the church is in Roman style. In the church you can find a lot of sculptures and paintings. The church has separate rooms for confession and adoration. Baptistery and pulpit have historical significance.